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Furniture Buying Administrator


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Dartford - Head Office

Contract Type


Working Pattern

Full Time


Industry Competitive DOE

Closing Date

31/10/2019 12:00

Job Description

Role Purpose

The role of BAA manages and supports the full set up of new product launching into the business supply chain. The ownership of product data falls under this role which is cascaded down from the Buyers for the BAA to likewise ensure that all cross functional departments are informed when new ranges are set up. The role plays a pivotal part to ensure that all other product data information affected by product set up is maintained and informed through the team. The Buyers Assistant is responsible for providing essential support to both the Head of Buying, Senior Buyer, and Assistant Buyer throughout the complete Buying Cycle. It is the responsibility of the Buyers Assistant to use and manage the Critical Path and ensure that all work streams and deadlines are completed in accordance to set timescales.

Key Responsibilities

  • Accountable for the set-up of all new product ranges signed off from when Manual Order is placed.
  • Requesting and collating all product Submission Sheets from suppliers / sourcing offices to be collated and presented to the Buyers/ Assistant Buyers when product ranges have been signed off. Submissions sheets will provide all product data required for the NPIS set up process. This will also include the management of the Packaging Dimensions Booklet and upload through to retail delivery.
  • Responsible for ensuring that initial pricing ‘steps and stairs’ are being adhered to via NPIS. This is to ensure that all configurations within each range are in line with agreed business rules set by the buying team.
  • Accountable for cascading the status of new NPIS’s to cross functional department stakeholders until such business rules allow for automated communications to be made. This will ensure that all ‘feeders’ into the NPIS document are informed of go live dates accordance to critical path deadlines.
  • Supporting all cross functional stakeholder queries throughout new launch product set up.
  • To fully understand the requirements of PIM to execute product set-up throughout the new system.
  • Raising Purchase Orders for the team in a timely manner and tracking them in a central location.
  • Critical Path – Support the buying cycle tracking from development briefing through to product launch to ensure deadlines are met. Document to be updated as the information filters through and weekly session to happen between the admin(s) and the Assistant Buyer. Escalation to Senior Buyer if there are critical deadlines missed.
  • Benefit and Technical Sheets – In line with product launches ensure all ranges have supporting information to provide and help aid stores in the sales process. Double check all dimensions and interiors correspond with all supporting material online and in-store to ensure synergy and a seamless launch.
  • Swatches – Full management between SISL China Office, EU suppliers, British suppliers to ensure all ranges launch in line with swatch books, new inserts, customer takeaway swatches, swatch layouts, and traceability of all costs in accordance to swatch spec and critical path. The Buyers Assistant is expected to suggest ways of ensuring the swatch communications are clear and consistent to the retail teams, the Swatch Master Sheet is continually updated, and ways of cutting costs without compromising the quality and aesthetics of the offer are identified and presented.
  • Quality & Testing – Working with Harvey’s QC to ensure all new product launches have been communicated clearly to them to obtain the correct requirements. The BA is expected to support with solutions to challenges and escalate as necessary. The BA is also expected to trace all new introductions into a Harveys facility to ensure the QA Manager has had full sign off on a product. It is the responsibility of the BA to ensure this happens if the QA Manager has not been present on the Buying trip.
  • Web and POS – Being the Upholstery ‘Online Brand Ambassador’ to promote product in the best light, ensure all pieces are online, identify any gaps/improvements to increase sales working collaboratively with Digital, and suggestions on improving style/layout. Briefing all ranges and ensuring all swatches are with the department giving enough time to launch online prior to in-store. This will then allow the Buyers Assistant to suggest online exclusives. Secondly working collaboratively with Marketing to ensure a successful launch of new ranges inclusive of Postcards and Romance Tags.
  • NPIS – Requesting and collating all details for New Product Introduction launches in advance of product set-up and storing in a central location. Managing timeframes against the critical path to ensure all parties internally and externally are aware of the product set-up position. Shop-floor and full-range NPIS to be completed by the BA, and sensor checking every NPIS before it is sent to the Merchandising & Finance teams.
  • Photography – Accountable for ensuring that all new and existing product ranges have full cut out imagery and lifestyle shots where relevant to support Marketing and Digital needs.
  • Comparative Shops – Managing regular monthly comparative shops online and in-store ensuring product range is in line and competitive with the direct market for promotion and every day pricing. The BA should raise missing opportunities with the team to improve commercial awareness.
  • Ad-hoc – Can include anything from minutes to collection store samples which have to be executed in the best possible way